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The educational role of the nurse

Antigoni Fountouki , Dimitrios Theofanidis


In the present times when the concept of health is threatened by various dangers and medicine is characterized by rapid growth, nurses have the responsibility to inform the public, to apply preventative measures to practice, to provide education about new methods of treatment and rehabilitation and to support not only ill, but also health people. In the field of health education, nurses are regarded as important health care professionals who also play the role of instructor. Aim: the aim of this review is to present the educational role of the nurse and the basic principles that determinate the effectiveness of health education as they stem from motivation, counselling and behavioural change. Material and Method: Data was collected through selected articles and book chapters mainly for the period 2001-2010 as these were found in Greek (ΙΑΤRΟΤΕΚ) and international databases (PubMed, CΙΝΑΗL) using combinations of the following key-words: patient education, health education, role of nurses. Results: In order to provide health education, the nurses need to have general knowledge, special pedagogic skills of communication and high motivation. Health Education uses a variety of methods and techniques in order to achieve its goals e.g. lectures, individual teaching and the use of new technologies in the community, school or hospital. Conclusions: Despite the problems and existing deficiencies, nurses could provide health education in a systematic way. Nurses as health professionals have the ability to meet this goal, since the benefits for health and society are of vast importance.

Keywords: Patient, education, health education, role of nurses

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