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Relationship of nursing workload with the severity and outcome of the patients in the ICU

Nikolaos Stoufis


The development of monitoring and measurement of nursing workload is constant and necessary not only to document the quality of health services but also to increase job satisfaction of nurses in order to reduce stress and burnout. PURPOSE: The purpose of? This review is to illustrate the complex role that nurses play in today's environment of care through the promotion of associations of nursing workload on the severity and outcome of patients in the ICU. MATERIAL AND METHOD: It became an international literature review through an internationally recognized search engine (pubmed, scopus, Mdconsult) to highlight science-based views. RESULTS: The literature review highlights the efforts being made internationally in developing methods for assessing the quality of nursing care that is commonly accepted by both the nurse and the rest of the scientific community. CONCLUSION: Modern theories approaching nursing job considering all levels identify a health care system that both matters of organization and management structure of a service and issues related to clinical severity of hospitalized patients and the needs arising from it.

Keywords: Nursing workload, Intensive Care Unit, quality of nursing care

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