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The contribution of ultrasound to the modern diagnostic and therapy

Lambrini Kourkouta , Τhomais Alexakou , Konstantina Vagena , Agapi Papaemanouil , Dimitra Ippioti , Fotini Papoulia


Aim: The use of ultrasound in contemporary therapeutic practice is noticed by this researching project. Material Method: It is a case of comparative research. Descriptive statistic was used for recording – processing and analyzing data as regard ultrasound which was performed in central Hospital in 2009 Athens in last semester. In especial 1773 patients, from which 1090 (61, 48%) were women and 683 (38, 52%) were men, were submitted to scheduled inspection of ultrasound upper -and- lower abdomen. Results: The 190 (17, 40%) were submitted to carotid triplex, spinals arteries, veins and arteries of lower limbs and abdominal aorta. widely in modern therapy due to its low cost, clear results and mainly because there is not any proof of detrimental biological effects from its use. Therefore ultrasound is often used in our days and is expanded with spectacular pace, as it approaches practically all the organs of the body.

Keywords: Ultrasound, disease, treatment, diagnosis, nursing

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