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The “flowering” of volunteering through the eyes of Nursing students

Evridiki Kampa , Fotoula Babatsikou , Georgia Fasoi , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou , Ofelia Gvendasvili , Stamatina Lazarou , Agoritsa Lambrogeorgou


Although there is a lot of research done in the area of volunteering, little has been written about the factors that can affect all potential volunteers, so they can be inspired to become volunteers, and for those who are already active volunteers to work as an inspiration to potential volunteers. Aim: The aim of this study was to explore the views of nursing students on volunteering. Material and Method: Semi-structured interviews with 10 nursing students were the main data collection tool. Grounded Theory method was used for the analysis of qualitative data. Results-Conclusions: This study demonstrated that volunteering is part of students’ everyday life and also the important role of nursing science in shaping their attitude towards volunteering. Data analysis revealed five categories, which are presented as stages I, II, III, IV of the "flowering of volunteering". The voluntary action and the factors that contribute to the development of the "flowering of volunteering" are going through these stages. The stages of the development of voluntary action likened to the stages of plant growth, as there are many similarities between “the blooming” of the ideas that affect participation in volunteering and the stages of plants’ flowering

Keywords: Volunteering, nursing students, flowering, qualitative research

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