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Chronic health problems in the elderly population: The importance of counseling in compliance with their medication

Georgia Fasoi , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou


A high percentage of the elderly population with chronic health problems, find it difficult to comply with the required medication or lifestyle changes, despite the fact that they are improving their health status. Aim: The aim of the present study was to explore the role of counseling in enhancing compliance of older people with their medication. Method and Material: The methodology of this study includes bibliography research from both the review and the research literature on Iatrotek, PubMed, Cinahl, Scopus and Google Scholar databases referred to the compliance of the elderly with their medication and were published between 1999-2014. The keywords that were used were the following: «compliance», «adherence», «elderly», «chronic diseases», «counseling», «Compliance with medication», «elderly», «Counseling». Results: The compliance of the elderly with their medication relates to education, information, the relationship between patient and health professionals as well as the feedback and self-management. The counseling relationship between nurse and elderly enhances compliance with medication. Conclusions: The needs of the elderly need counseling. Thus, the elderly reveal more and easier feelings and nurse offer sufficient support in the direction of strengthening compliance with the medication.

Keywords: Compliance with regimen, elderly, counseling, chronic disease

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