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Control of Infectious Diseases in prehospital services (Emergency Medical Services - ΕΚΑΒ)

Aikaterini Merkouri


Introduction: The compliance to the rules of hand hygiene is one of the main features of hospital infection programs. It is imperative to apply strategic measures concerning the personnel training in order to correspond more effectively to the given guidelines. Purpose of the Study: Informing the personnel and the EKAB rescuers in order to change their approach over the appliance of precautionary measures. Bibliography: All the information feedback derives mostly from the internet and especially from electronic libraries (CDC, Blackwell Synergy, Mednet). The Hellenic Centre for Infections Diseases Control has been also a valuable source of information. Conclusion: The evaluation of precautionary measures as well as the application of the syndromic surveillance system is based on data capture by the syndromic surveillance of Emergency Departments. According to which, it is necessary to: • Classify diseases • Initiate alert • Follow the directions • Feedback. The successful application of the aforementioned measures will result to the restriction of an infectious disease.

Keywords: hand hygiene, infection, surveillance, standard precautions

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