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Policy for the Development of Health Education Programs in the School Environment

Zoe Roupa , Eleni Mylona


Health education is an effective school activity, the implementation of which depends on the good will and abilities of both health professionals and teachers. At the present time, the need to define new targets and draw up new health education programs seems particularly urgent.
In the present study, we put forward historical facts pertaining to the development of health education in the school environment and attempt to supply the necessary systematic information and data categories - conceptual framework, program development strategy, methodology, evaluation - required in order to carry out scientifically appropriate health education in schools.
The basic concepts of health education and its targets with regard to pupils call for programs which have been evaluated and adapted to the needs of individual school communities.
Those involved in developing and implementing health education programs should measure and assess the degree to which the goals set out have been achieved, as well as evaluate to what extent measures taken are in keeping with overall and specific targets.
Finally, all the aforementioned parameters lead to conclusions and suggestions that should serve as an incentive for further study of this subject.

Keywords: Primary health care, Health programs in education, School Nursing in education, Stragedy of health programs, Health programs in school, Health and school environment, Health methods and education, School and primary health, Program development strategy

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