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Disciplinary Liability in Nursing

Philomila Obessi


Greek nurses who work either in public hospitals and health centers or in private clinics assume disciplinary liability in case they commit disciplinary offences for which special disciplinary sanctions are provided.
For nurses who work as civil servants in public sector Law Nr.3329/2005 relating to National Health System as well as Civil Servants' Code (Law Nr.2683/1999) are applied, especially their disciplinary regulations. Disciplinary status and liability for nurses working as employees in private clinics are included in the Labour Regulation of their own enter price providing that such a Regulation does exist. However disciplinary sanctions are provided only by legislative rules (that is Law Nr.3789/1957)
In addition, Law Nr3235/2004 relating to the Institution of Greek Nurses Union (E.N.E.) contains further disciplinary regulations which are applied to nurses in both public and private sector.
This article analyses the above - mentioned disciplinary regulations.

Keywords: nursing, liability, disciplinary liability

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