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Children’s Literature Contribution to Preschooler’s Health Education. Findings from a Creek Study

Chrysoula Melissa-Halikiopoulou , Triantafylia Natsiopoulou


Health behavior is considered as relative to its particular cultural context and stresses. Cross- Cultural Psychology, in an attempt to study behavioral health across cultures, has looked at the legends and folktales of different countries. On the basis of interpersonal experiences as well as exchanges with the environment, people develop their personal efficacy towards health matters. This study supports that health education for preschoolers can be introduced by parents, teachers and nurses through folktales, traditional stories and modern ones that enhance health beliefs. In our research we recorded more than 100 books on preschoolers' health education that are available on the Greek market.

Keywords: health education, preschoolers, childrens books on health

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