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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

John Myriokefalitakis


In the area of extraarticular rheumatism, the fibromyalgia’s syndrome is the more painful syndrome of the myoskeletal system. This syndrome is called primary when it doesn’t accompany another chronic disease, or secondary when another disease exists. Patients with fibromyalgia usually have a strange personality, and they suffer from bowel disturbances, sleep disturbances, vasomotory disturbances primarily at hands, similar to those of Raynaud‘s phenomenon. These patients present chronic fatigue and some times depression. The causes and the physiopathological mechanism of fibromyalgia syndrome are unknown, however different physiological alterations have been observed to patients with fibromyalgia. There is not a single therapeutical approach for these patients. Various therapeutical approaches have been tested.

Keywords: fibromyalgia, extrarticular rheumatism, chronic fatigue, depression, bowel irritable

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