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Interventions at individual and organizational- administrative level for copying with the burnout syndrome

Eleni Lahana , Evangelia Kotrotsiou


In the last years, research has proved the existence of significant evidence of burnout syndrome, e.g. the physical and psychological exhaustion observed in nurses, which has an impact not only in their work, but also in their personal and social life. Therefore, immediate support measures are imperative. Nurses and nursing administrators need to be constantly informed about the stressful factors inherent in the role of the nurse. Stress at work can be reduced only if high levels of mutual support are present. Furthermore, the administrative control and strong support among colleagues protect nurses from the additional demands made by the patients. Dealing with the problem is not only a state obligation or a nursing personnel demand but a moral duty of every employee. Effectiveness of participation in intervention programs has been proved in practice in countries with highly developed national health system. Prevention constitutes the main component of intevvention to eliminate the phenomenon, which can take place in individual level (the  effort that the nurse himself can make to help in the timely identification of thesymptoms, the reevaluation of personal goals and expectations etc.) as well as in organizational/administrative level (the alternative strategies that can be employed by nursing administrations such as, the redistribution and increase of personnel, the change in the working pace, etc.). Such interventions, shall not only help and support nurses, but also protect them from the burnout syndrome. They reduce feelings of disappointment and dissatisfaction and limit tension and stress, improving in this way the care provided to the patient, an objective goal of every health professional.

Keywords: Burnout syndrome, nurse, individual/administrative interventions nursing administration

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