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Risk Factors of Coronary Syndrome

Vasiliki Koutsopoulou-Sofikiti , Christina Marvaki , Georgios Argyriou , Maritsa Gourni , Nektarios Pilatis , Olga Kadda , Dimitra Katsareli


The purpose of the present study is to evaluate the degree of awareness regarding the risk factors for coronary diseases, in a specific agricultural population of Peloponnesus.
MATERIAL AND METHOD: The main body of the research includes 851 persons, who belong to 7 different communities of Peloponnesus and a small amount are students between 14-18 years old. The data for the research was collected through a questionnaire of 64 closed type questions. The questionnaire was designed by using the Greek and Foreign bibliography.
RESULTS: According to the results 50,1% of the sample is aware of the inclination factors for Coronary Disease, 76,7% of the students ignored them, in the statistical difference p<0,001. The students are not aware of the role of cholesterol in a percentage of 60,5% and statistical difference between people of other age, p<0,001.44% of the population know well about the benefits of Mediterranean diet and 85.1% are aware of the benefits of oil. CONCLUSION: The awareness, concerning the risk factors for coronary diseases is satisfied, among people, although they do not conform to some of the rules of good health behavior. Moreover, it is proved, that the awareness of the students is insufficient.In order to achieve it however, mobilisation of government mechanism is not enough but is also essential the expressionof social solidarity and mutualism from citizens themselves.

Keywords: Coronary disease, Mediterranean diet, smoking, cholesterol

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