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The polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO) and its treatment from the aspect of cosmetology-esthetics

Evagelia Protopapa , Fotini Charizani


This paper deals with the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCO), its pathophysiology and its treatment. An extensive description of the pharmaceutical management of the syndrome follows, with agents that act at different levels, e.g. inhibiting the secretion of the involved hormones from the hypophysis or the adrenals, or blocking the action of the respective hormone receptors. In addition to the pharmaceutical management, hirsutism is treated with methods of permanent epilation such as with the application of electric current, the use of proteolytic enzymes or with Laser, which are described in detail.

Keywords: Acne, hirsutism, obesity, thermolysis, electrolysis, enzymes, Lase

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