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Prospects and developments on quality of life assessment in breast cancer patients

Stavroula Andrea


During the last decade there has been an increasing interest among health care professionals for the quality of life of women with breast cancer. It is well known that the problems arising from chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting or the surgical interventions such as mastectomy or irradiation treatment seriously affect the quality of life of women suffering from breast cancer. The fear of changes in body image or even handicap is common. The aim of the therapeutic approach is the estimation of the seriousness of the problems and the quality support in diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. A holistic approach is needed, in order, to support the patient, her family in a somatic, psychologic and social way. The estimation  of the quality of life of women with breast cancer is a matter of interest for nursing blems, quality o f life, latest data research for more interventions towards a holistic approach.

Keywords: Breast cancer, nursing problems, quality o f life, latest data

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