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The outcomes of implementation of nursing protocol for pressure ulcers management in 251 Hellenic Air Force hospital

Sofia Diamanti , Sofia Bozoni , Elissavet Apostolidi , Ekaterini Saropoulou , Eirini Anastasopoulou , Maria Adriakopoulou


Objective Historically, pressure ulcers have been seen as a nursing problem, and still are to a certain extent today. Researche has shown that 6.2-9.4% of all adult hospitalized patients will develop a pressure ulcer. This number seems to be increased in the elderly. The goal of this study was the management and evaluation of patients at high risk for pressure ulcer development in 251 General Airforce Hospital. Material-Method The sample consisted of all patients with pressure ulcers between January 1999 and May 2000. A specific registration form was used for data collection. All these patients were evaluated for risk of pressure ulcer development and risk factors, diagnosis and effectiveness of treatment. Results Four hundred six pressure ulcers recorded in 240 patients. 35.8% of those patients had already one pressure ulcer during their admission. Other important results regarding stage, location and division in nursing wards were also recorded. Conclusions This study was very helpful in understanding the effectiveness and importance of skin care team in our hospital, for and effective management of patients with pressure ulcers. The results of this study also help nursing staff to pay attention in specific patients and apply the appropriate care.

Keywords: Pressure ulcers, pressure sores, risk assessment tools, causative factors, wound management, classification

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