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New technologies and psychotherapy: Possibilities and Concerns

Afroditi Zartaloudi


Introduction: The internet is an effective tool for conducting psychotherapy sessions in order to overcome the barrier of imposed physical and social distance during the challenge of the abrupt appearance of Covid-19 pandemic. Purpose: Our purpose was to present how the psychotherapeutic context of online multi-family group psychotherapy is changing, the new possibilities and advantages as well as the challenges and disadvantages that arise between online and traditional psychotherapy. Material and Methodology: A literature review of studies published in the Pubmed, Scopus και Google Scholar database was conducted in English language, using the following key words. Results: The condition of distance participation in psychotherapeutic sessions contribute substantially to the appearance of new possibilities and perspectives in the provision of psychotherapeutic care. At the same time, mental health professionals should manage difficulties and challenges that arise when conducting online psychotherapy interventions. Multi-family online psychotherapy provided in patients with a history of first psychotic episode and their families could be a form of psychiatric intervention in community. Early psychosis intervention programs have not sufficiently utilized the tool of online psychotherapy, which could serve as an adjunct to traditional psychotherapeutic interventions. Conclusions: The familiarization of mental health professionals with technology and online psychotherapy could substantially contribute to this direction.

Keywords: Online therapy, first psychotic episode, multifamily group therapy

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