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The effect of the application of public relations in the employees’ efficiency in health services

Kyriakos Pailas


The public relations as a main pillar of internal marketing of a providing health services organization, constitute an integral part of them. Their application is done in the internal clients, who are the medical, nursing, administrative and other personnel and the middle and senior management staff of the organization too. The role of the application of the public relations that take place in the structures of providing health services is major. Parameters as the gender, the age, the kind of occupation and the forms of job relations show the different components that have direct impact in the behavior and the attitude of the health professionals. The adoption of methods and tactics of public relations and the application of internal marketing in the health services considered indispensable for the accomplishment of positive balance in the mental and physical well-being of the health professionals and the increment of the population health level across the efficiency of the health system. The application of public relations in the units of providing health services concerns all the levels of care and the responsibility of their proper planning and implementation is domain of the leadership of the organization. The department of the public relations as well as the human resource management department either together or separately appear to fulfill the commitment of the leadership of the health unit to maximize the benefit of the individual and the collective improvement of the health professional.

Keywords: public relations, internal marketing, health services, health professionals

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