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Airway management with Airtraq device in multi-injured patients in the Emergency Department

Kleanthi Koreta , Evangelos Dousis , Ioannis Kalemikerakis , Theodore Kapadochos



Introduction: Stabilizing the condition of a multi-injured patient is a challenge for nurses and doctors. Successful management of multiple injured patient includes securing the airway by immobilizing the cervical spine, restoring respiration and circulation to the tissues, adequately assessing the patient's neurological condition, and managing the external environment for the benefit of the patient. Airway management and intubation is a particularly important skill.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to evaluate the laryngoscopy device Airtraq in the management of the airway in multiple injured patients in the emergency department.

Methodology: Systematic review of the literature by searching for relevant articles published in the Pubmed, Cochrane, Scopus and Google Scholar databases, from 2011-2020.

Results: Compared to other laryngoscopy devices, Airtraq appears to be more effective, offering higher rates of successful intubation in multiple injured patients. In addition, Airtraq requires fewer corrective intubation movements, shorter intubation time, and faster stabilization of patients' vital signs.

Conclusions: As unsuccessful endotracheal intubation increases the morbidity and mortality of multiple injured patients, the use of Airtraq compared to similar devices has a number of advantages.

Keywords: Airtraq device, airway management, multi-injured patient

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