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The Ιinvestigation of mental health of healthcare staff during the coronavirus pandemic in a Greek hospital

Eleni Foti



A big amount of studies has shown that the war with corona virus has burdened the mental health of an important number of the health personnel.

Aim: The present study aims at the investigation of anxiety and fear of to the the coronavirus in health personnel in a public hospital as well as to be considered if the anxiety and the fear of Covid-19 finally affect his mental health and well-being

Material and Method: The present study is a cross-sectional study where the quantitative methodology approach was adopted using appropriate weighted tools. It was conducted in the period October 8-17, 2021. In the present study the population-source is the total of the health personnel (medical, nursing, administrative) that works at General Hospital of Arta. For the selection of sample the method of layered sampling was used and 100 employees, who belong to medical, nursing and administrative service of the hospital where they were also the sample of the study, were used. A written questionnaire was used for data collection where the tools, coronavirus anxiety scale (CAS), obsession with COVID-19 scale (OCS) and coronavirus reassurance-seeking behaviors scale (CRBS), were used. The static analysis was performed using the Software SPSS v23.0

Results: 7% of the respondents experienced a corona virus-related dysfunctional anxiety, 11.11% of them experienced persistent and thinking and 9.47% developed activities for reassurance search. At the same time from the total of respondents, 16% had high levels in at least one of the three scales, while 2% had high levels at all the scales. Women and people who live with chronic patients have more anxiety for Covid-19. The correlation test Spearman showed an important positive correlation between all the psychological morbidities

Conclusions: The findings of the study prove low prevalence of mental health problems to the staff of Arta’s Hospital during the pandemic Covid-19, with positive correlation between them.


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