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Examination of the relationship between Job Satisfaction and Workaholism amongst professionals of Primary and Secondary Healthcare in Cyclades Islands

Theodora Protopapa



Background: Healthcare workers tend to get addicted with work and to ignore their personal needs. The job satisfaction is defined as the positive response derived from implementing tasks at workPurpose: The purpose of the current study is to investigate the relationship between the workaholism and the job satisfaction for the healthcare workers in the Cyclades Islands, Greece.

Methodology: The participants in this study which took place between January 2020 and April 2020, were in total 172. The selected sample of the healthcare workers are from medical centres and hospitals in the Cyclades islands. The sample consists of resident doctors, consultant doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, administration and technical employees. Data were collected through electronic self-completion surveys and analysed through the SPSS software, version 24. The survey consists of three parts. The first part includes the demographic questions with regards to the location, family and employment. The second part presents questions about the workaholism. The third part includes questions for the job satisfaction.

Results: The overall results show that the employees’ level of job satisfaction is low. This result holds for all the 8 types of job satisfaction. Also, more than the half of the participants expressed low levels of workaholism.

Discussion: Relevant actions include to provide more attractive packages as motivation for work (e.g. benefits) and more promotions evaluations. It is suggested that hospital and medical centers introduce initiatives to educate the healthcare workers, to improve the employee relation management, and to decrease the workload overload. The suggested initiatives aim to increase the overall job satisfaction.  It is suggested the psychology support of healthcare workers.

Keywords: Workaholism, job satisfaction, Cyclades Islands

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