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The influence of determinants of the knowledge for the hypertension in the community

Evgenia Karathanasi , Anna Kavga , Ourania Govina , Eugenia Vlachou , Ioannis Kalemikerakis



Background: Hypertension is one of the greatest challenges of our times and knowledge regarding hypertension could help to prevent and treat this disease. Several factors mediate and affect individuals’ knowledge regarding hypertension, especially demographic characteristics and medical history.

Aim: To investigate the level of knowledge regarding hypertension and the mediators affecting the knowledge regarding hypertension among individuals in the community.

Methods: A cross-sectional study with a convenience sample of 230 people was conducted in the Health Centers of the First Regional District of Attica. We used the Hypertension Knowledge-Level Scale (HK-LS) to measure knowledge regarding hypertension which takes value 22 as maximum. We investigated as possible mediators of knowledge the following characteristics: gender, age, family status, educational level, job, assurance, personal and family medical history, pressure measurement, and financial status. Data analysis was performed with SPSS v.25.

Results: Mean knowledge score was 17.60±2.49. Bivariate analysis showed that, on a large scale, those with a family history of hypertension (p <0.001), a family history of cardiovascular disease (p = 0.04) and those who were graduates of higher education (p <0.001) had higher scores. Multiple linear regression showed that family history of hypertension and higher education predict a statistically significant overall score. In contrast, irregular blood pressure measurement is a predictor of a negative score. The model seemed to explain 15% of the total variability (R2 = 0.15, p = 0.007).

Conclusions: The level of knowledge concerning hypertension was quite high. According to our results, those with low educational level, without family history of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases and the older ones had less knowledge about hypertension. For that reason, educational programs should be focused on increasing the knowledge of individuals belonging to the abovementioned groups.

Keywords: Hypertension, knowledge, intermediary factors, community

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