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ICU Follow – up Clinics: The European reality

Marios Charalampopoulos , Panagiota Triantafyllaki , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou , Evridiki Kampa , Areti Stavropoulou , Stelios Parissopoulos , Dimitrios Papageorgiou



The ICU Follow up Clinics support and treat the adult patients at the community, in order to cover the needs that occurred after their discharge from the ICU at the hospital.

Aim: The aim of this systematic review was to study the effectiveness and the way of the operation management of the ICU Follow up Clinics at adult patients after their discharge from the hospital.

Methods: A search was performed at the Greek and international literature, as well at the online Databases Pubmed, Cochrane, Emdase, Google Scholar. Exclusion and integration criteria were set for the studies found and a flow chart was created for the studies included.

Results: Through the search, 30 articles were found matching the subject under study and after further evaluation, 7 articles were included. The majority of the articles highlight the importance of these services at the patients’ follow up after the discharge. More specifically, through these services the mortality rate, the risk of recurrence and the readmission risk are decreased as well as the patients’ mental health is improved.

Conclusions: The main aim of these Services is the follow up of the adult patients after discharge, the consultation and the apply of therapeutical protocols in order to face the primary pathological cause, as well as matters that occurred as a result of the hospitalization. At the same time, they can help to detect the needs of the patients occurred after the discharge so that finally, to improve the care given and the patients’ outcome.

Keywords: Critical ill patient, post ICU complications, ICU follow up services

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