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Health promotion in patients with chronic diseases

Pinelopi Petropoulou


Chronic diseases are on a steady upward trend, they have replaced epidemics, infections, the lack of sanitary conditions as causes and affect the patient's quality of life as defined by the World Health Organization. In recent years, the use of new technologies makes it faster and more immediate to inform health professionals about the patient's health status, thus contributing to the reduction of diagnosis and hospitalization time, but also to the easy and immediate recall of medical data at any time and from any point, reducing travel and the risk of infection in times of pandemics and other epidemics. It aims to prevent, maintain and promote health and prevent the worsening of disease as well as treatment in individuals, the family and the community. The new Telemedicine model significantly improves access to the care provided and its quality by ensuring potential continuous remote monitoring while making the patient a participant in the decision-making regarding their health. The term Telemedicine is considered to highlight broader goals that cover the production of good health and the support of Public Health, including informing and educating the public, collecting and managing statistical and epidemiological data, connecting with other agencies and health care services that involved in patient management. Thus, the nursing units will not be isolated incident response centers. On the contrary, the applications of telemedicine contribute decisively to the formation of open centers for the provision of medical care, where hospitals, health centers and practices can be connected to each other, creating an integrated network for the provision of medical services. Particular emphasis must be placed on the utilization of existing structures and the creation of new Primary Health Care infrastructures, development of regional telemedicine centers and home care for groups of patients with chronic diseases who cannot move or have access to health services due to other difficulties.

Keywords: Chronic diseases, e-health applications, quality of life, telemedicine, public health

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