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Environmental health management system. Requirements of ISO 14000 standard in Livadia General Hospital

Elpiniki Biskanaki



The Environmental Management System focuses on recognizing the environmental  impact of any Organization in order to manage those impacts and ultimately to improve the Organization's performance in this area. Hospitals are predominantly Organizations with a strong environmental footprint, as significant amounts of material resources are spent on the production and delivery of services, and at the same time large quantities of waste are generated.

In this case, therefore, the standard focuses on the management of hazardous medical waste, their separation and recycling or re-use, where possible, reducing energy consumption and waste of resources, ensuring the quality of drinking water and the use of environmentally friendly materials.

In order to implement these good and efficient practices, it is essential to train staff and to engage in eco-conscious leadership.

Keywords: Environmental health, environmental management system, ISO 14001, Livadia General Hospital

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