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Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 8, No. 1 (2009): January - March 2009

Healthcare quality in Emergency Room

Maria Malliarou , Pavlos Sarafis , Sofia Zyga

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 11, No. 2 (2012): April - June 2012

Financial crisis. How it affects the public health and health systems

Maria Malliarou , Pavlos Sarafis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 18, No. 1 (2019): January - March 2019

Quality evaluation of physiotherapy services in the department of Physical Medicine of the general hospital of Volos “Achilopouleio”

Evangelos Prekas , Pavlos Sarafis , Maria Malliarou

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 19, No. 3 (2020): July - September 2020

Financial crisis in Greece: The impact on the health system. The use of generic drugs as a mean of intervention

Eugenia Zervea , Ioannis Apostolakis , Pavlos Sarafis

Rostrum of Asclepius Vol 20, No. 3 (2021): July - September 2021

The evolution of Greek primary healthcare from the implementation of the national healthcare system until today-The declaration of Astana and current challenges in primary healthcare

Vasiliki Tsigkou , Ioannis Apostolakis , Pavlos Sarafis

The existence of welfare states in the front of Long-Term Care in Greece

Aikaterini Meni , Ioannis Apostolakis , Pavlos Sarafis

Quality in healthcare system in Greece-Proposal for operation of a National Body to ensure the quality of the provided healthcare services-National Agenda for patient safety in Greece

Christina Zoi , Ioannis Apostolakis , Pavlos Sarafis

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