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Teaching of Oncology Nursing in Balkans and Middle East.

Georgia Savopoulou


The purpose of this study was to identify if teaching of Oncology Nursing is included in Basic Nursing Education Eurricula in the Balkans and Middle East countries. Material-Method In our study participated Eyprus, Egypt, FYROM, Greece, Israel, Slovenia, Soudi Arabia, Turkey and Yugoslavia For the purpose of this study we prepared a questionnaire. This questionnaire was distributed to all European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) in which Greece is a member, and European School of Oncology (ESO) representatives with reference to Nursing Departments throughout Balkans and Middle East. In the first part questions (1-3) were regarding general information about entry criteria and the duration of the Basic Nursing Education as well as the educational levels in nursing profession in the above countries. In the second part question (4-11) were dealing more speciafically with teaching of Oncology Nursing in Basic Nursing Education such as hours in theoretical teaching, hours in clinical practice, teaching of Oncology Nursing as part of Medical/Surgical or Community Nursing or as an optional subject. Results The time for the theoretical teaching of Oncology Nursing ranges from 0 to 50 hours while the time for the clinical practice from 4 to 60 hours. In six countries Oncology Nursing is taught as part of Medical/Surgical Nursing while only in three is an optional subject. Conclusions In the majority of the Basic Nursing Education Programmes in Balkans and Middle East countries the part which refers to Oncology ursing is very limited. The clinical practice should be expanded and the teaching of Oncology ursing should be included in the basic Nursing Educational Curricula in all countries of this study as it is indicated by the European Council and the Consultant Committee of the European Community.

Keywords: Basic education, oncology nursing, teaching, education programms

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