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Measurement of the frequency of pressure sores in patients of a Greek general provincial hospital

Ioanna Papathanasiou , Theodosios Paralikas , Eleni Lahana , G. Tzavelas , Stiliani Kotrotsiou , Vasiliki Koutsopoulou-Sofikiti


The aim of this study is to measure the frequency of pressure sores in nursing sections and to ascertain which patients are most vulnerable to the possibility of its development. Material-Methods Information regarding the personal and clinical characteristics of the patients was submitted by the matron and the nursing staff of each ward. The evaluation of the patients' general situation as well as the pressure sores was based on personal contact. The evaluation of the pressure sores was based on the Frant grading system. Evaluation of the patients was made based on the Norton chart. Results The results of this research revealed a high percentage of pressure sores in pathology wards, with the age groups of over 70 displaying the largest frequency of pressure sores, pressure sore quotient frequency revealed a dominance of women over men, weak individuals developed pressure sores easier, immobility when combined with dampness consists a factor of high risk and to conclude the highest rate of pressure sores developed in the 2nd week of hospitalization.

Keywords: Pressure sore, prevention of pressure sores, pressure sore factors, nursing care

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