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The physical and psychological impact of providing care to an Alzheimers disease family member

Chrysoula Melissa-Halikiopoulou


The current paper focused on the effects of providing care to a family member with Alzheimer's disease (AD). Caregivers are at risk for poorer physical and mental health than their noncaring peers. Research on the direct, mediated and moderated effects of the psychosocial resource variables revealed association with positive or negative caregiver health outcomes over time. In particular, benign appraisals of stressors, perceived competence and control, enhancing routine activities, mastery in women's roles, life satisfaction, greater level of social support, and a communal relationship -between caregivers and care recipients before the onset of the disease- compensated for the effects of the stressors in the course of caring for a relative with AD.

Keywords: Coping, appraisal of stressors, perceived competence, social support

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