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The attempt of creating a primary health net in Greece through the establishment of PEDY: Case study of the networking organisations of PEDY-Kilkis

Elisavet Frengidou , Petros Galanis , Maria Zafiropoulou , Stefanos Parastatidis


Introduction: Primary Health Care is based upon the principles of universality and equal accessibility in a patient-oriented health care system with continuous capacity adapting to ongoing socio-economic changes. The efforts of creating a primary health care net in our country remained so far unfinished or meteor while the inability of tackling chronic pathogens of the health care system is more than evident. Aim: To assess the continuing weaknesses of the existing frame created after the establishment of Primary National Health Care Net and, on the other, to utilize information by adjusting to internationally successful networking practices of other countries in order to exercise effective health policy, taking into account the theoretical framework of implementation in Greece. Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted during the period June to August 2015 using convenience sampling while the study population consisted of the patients who had used the services provided by the Kilkis PEDY primary health care unit during the previous year. Data were collected by means of an anonymous questionnaire that was completed voluntarily by the participants while a pilot study was conducted on 30 participants. The statistical analysis was performed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (IBM SPSS), version 21.0. Results: Only 13.3% of the respondents declared adequate interconnection among the health care unit of PEDY Kilkis and primary or secondary health structures while 44.1% reported problems in meeting their needs because of the non-operation of the health care unit beyond the morning hours. It is also expressed greater confidence in private physicians (64.1%) and incomplete information concerning the right of providing health services by the PEDY health care unit to the uninsured (72.4%). Conclusions: New health policies should be applied at primary health care level so as to combat the problematic areas of health care networking in our country and focus on establishing a patient-oriented model.

Keywords: Primary Health Care, health care units, EOPYY, PEDY, health care net

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