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Factors that influence student΄s behaviour concerning lessons attendance in Nursing Department of Technological Institute of Athens

Antonia Kalogianni , Pantelis Stergianis , George Intas , Georgios Argyriou , Georgia Fasoi , Olga Kadda , Evridiki Kampa , Martha Kelesi-Stavropoulou


The short-term absence of Nursing students from their studies is a phenomenon that has troubled teachers a lot. The lack of participation in courses is a widespread threat to education. Absences are often related to poor academic performance, unprofessional attitude and inadequate socialization. Purpose: The investigation of the reasons why students of Nursing Department of Technological Institute of Athens do not attend classes. Material-Method: The studied population consisted of 579 students of Nursing Institute of Athens. 65.6% (N = 380) were in the Nursing department A and 34.4% (N = 199) in department B. For data collection, which lasted 12 months, it was used a special designed questionnaire. For each year was distributed separate univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis. Data analysis was performed with the statistical package SPSS ver. 16. Results: The occupational status has an important role in attendance. It affects more those who do not attend classes, p <0.001. Students in first year of their studies were 1.154 times more likely to attend classes more weeks in a year compared to the others (B: -0.143, P: 0.001, OR: 0.867, 95%OR: 0.798-0.942) and 3.86 times more likely to criticize an inadequate professor in relation to the other (B: -1.350, P: 0.003, OR: 0.259, 95%OR: 0.106-0.635). The fourth year students were 2.29 times more likely to respond than others that the time courses were not helpful (Β: 0.832, P: 0.024, OR: 2.298, 95%OR: 1.117-4.728). Conclusions: The occupational status is the main reason for nursing students not to attend lectures. The main reasons of absence, concerning non-working students, from the lectures are the non-transmissibility of the teacher and the fact that he is not accessible.

Keywords: Nursing, absence, participating, lectures, students

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