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The Delphi Technique in nursing research. Part 2: Methodological considerations

Dimitrios Kosmidis , Sotiria Koutsouki , Dimitrios Theofanidis


The Delphi technique (DT) has been used as an innovative method for the interaction of team of experts aiming at the growth of new knowledge and successful forecasting. In the first part presented the epistemological value and the comparative advantages of the method and its basic modifications. Although the technique is widely used, its scientific value is disputed as its structural features have not been determined in an absolute manner as yet. Relative questions concern the choice of experts, the sample size, the number of rounds and the desirable degree of anonymity and consensus. In this article a critical analysis of the application, restrictions, practical value and scientific prestige of DT are presented. The next two articles discuss the analysis of results as well as the use and usefulness of the method in nursing research, education and clinical practice.

Keywords: Delphi technique, nursing research, research methodology

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