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The Effect of Psychological Resilience in Postpartum Depressing Symptomatology

Martha Moraitou , Mihalis Galanakis , Markella Salioni , Manolis Hatzitheodorou


The postpartum period requires from the new mother high Psychological Resilience, particularly when is expressed postpartum depressing symptomatology. Purpose: The aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between psychological resilience and postpartum depression. Material – Method: 104 participants completed the Panas-X scale, the CD-RISK (Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale) and the BDI (Beck Depression Inventory). Results: Results showed that 42% of the participants were prone to experience postpartum depression according to the BDI. Moreover it was shown that psychological resilience remains unaffected during pregnancy, while it relates to low postpartum depression levels. Finally the study provides support that partner and environment support as well as positive affectivity affect psychological resilience levels. Conclusion: The Psychological Resilience and the support from companion and family can protect new mothers from depressing symptoms.

Keywords: Postpartum depression, psychological resilience, support, BDI, PANAS-X, CD-RISK

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