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Needs of patients’ relatives in intensive care unit

Anna Maria Giournta , Georgia Toylia


During the last decades more emphasis is put on the needs of relatives of hospitalized patients in the intensive care unit (ICU). The purpose of this study was to review the literature on the needs of relatives of hospitalized patients in the ICU. Methodology: The methodology followed included literature research mainly concerning the needs of needs of relatives of patients hospitalized in ICU, regardless of specialty. Results: The literature review showed that relatives experience many and various needs, of which the most common are the need of information, the need to participate in decisions concerning mainly ethical dilemmas and the need of visiting their loved hospitalized person. Also, they experience intense anxiety and depression which should be evaluated by health professionals and treated. Conclusions: Healthcare professionals should take care of relatives since the hospitalization of their loved person implies numerous changes in their daily lives.

Keywords: Needs of relatives, Intensive Care Unit, hospitalization in ICU

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