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Exploration of Intensive Care Unit Nurses’ knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention and management

Anna Maria Gouda , Olga Kadda , Aikaterini Marvaki , Theodore Kapadochos , Georgios Argyriou , Angeliki Stamou , Georgios Vasilopoulos


Pressure ulcers are a challenge for health systems worldwide. Reducing the frequency criterion of prevention and treatment of each country can be more effective. Aim: The purpose of the present study was to explore the level of knowledge of nurses in the ICU on the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Material – Method: The studied sample consisted of 148 nurses working in ICU of 2 Hospital in Athens, of which one was public and one private. The collection of data was completed through a questionnaire, which included demographic and business information as well as questions relating to preventive measures for pressure ulcers and their treatment. Statistical analysis was performed using the statistical package SPSS ver.19. Results: 73.7% (n = 110) of the studied sample were women. The mean age was 32 years, with a standard deviation of ±3.81. According to the proportion of nurses - patients, policy of 1/2 presented in 76.4% of the studied population and policy of 1/3 in 23%. 64.2% (n = 95) reported having attended an educational seminar for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. There was statistically significant difference between whether they have attended a seminar or not with the views of nursing staff. Another factor that seemed to affect the responses of nurses was the ratio of nurse-patient policy in the ICU. Conclusions: There is a lack of knowledge about the prevention of pressure ulcers and implementation of guidelines. It is concluded that continuous training of nurses through seminars is crucial both to enrich the knowledge and the proper treatment of pressure ulcers.

Keywords: Pressure ulcers, Intensive Care Unit, nursing staff, preventing pressure ulcers

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