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Attitude and opinion of volunteer blood donors regarding access to cloning

George Katsimigas , Chara Spiliopoulou , Ioannis Hatzilaou , Maria Gika , Eleni Papou


PURPOSE: The assessment on the attitude and the views of blood donors related cloning. As well as the research on cloning in comparison with several demographical factors likes the educational level, sex age and religious beliefs. MATERIAL AND METHOD: The subjects of study were 252 volunteer blood donors, who gave blood and its byproducts to a Blood Donation Center in Athens. The data was selected through a written questionnaire especially created for the purposes of this study. RESULTS: The ever whelming majority of blood donors, which came to more than 50%, agrees that cloning insults human dignity and disturbs human and generally nature diversity. Concerning the reproductive cloning a high percentage of 66,7% stated that they are strongly opposed to that method while the 42,5% are in favor of Curative cloning. Various factors that influence the general attitude towards cloning are the religious beliefs and the educational level. CONCLUSIONS: The conclusions of the certain survey prove that reproductive cloning is considered to be an immoral method of reproduction and human nature is insulted and human and natures diversity from is disturbed. On the contrary the importance of curative cloning is acceptable for the cure of various diseases as well is great influence on the section of transplantation.

Keywords: Reproductive cloning. Bioethics, Curative cloning

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