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Anti-HBV prevalence in firstyear students, that will practise professions of high risk of infection with the HBV

Penelope Siourda , Asimoula Siochu , Christodoulos Likartsis , Melpomeni Ioannidou , Ioannis Ioannidis


Aim: We have studied the prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus on the first‐year students of the Paramedical Schools (Medical Lab Department, Nursing Department, Baby Nursing Department and Obstetrics Department of the Health and Foresight Professions School of Technological Educational School of Thessaloniki). Materials and Methods: The sample consists of 502 students of the Paramedical Schools. They were taken serum sample for quantitative determination of HbsAg, Anti-HBs, Anti-HBc. The samples were checked with immunological analyser that uses ELISA method by the manufacturer's criteria. Results: 502 serum samples were checked and 4 samples were found HbsAg positive. A Confirmation Assay used on these samples and showed that truly HbsAg positive was only one sample (percentage ~0,2%). Quantitative determination of Anti‐HBs showed: 175 serum samples had antibody titer >500 MIU/mL, 97 serum samples had antibody titer 101-500 MIU/mL, 78 serum samples had antibody titer 11-100 MIU/mL and 152 serum samples had antibody titer 0-10 MIU/mL. Conclusions: The prevalence of Hepatitis B on our sample is low. However anyone must be careful with Hepatitis B, specially the students of Paramedical Schools and other professionals of high risk professions. Vaccination of high risk groups against HB virus would help to decrease he danger from Hepatitis B.

Keywords: ΗBs Ag,  Anti‐HBs,  Anti‐HBc,  first‐year students

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