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Changes in psychological state of elder patients during their hospitalization

Dimitrios Theofanidis , Theodore Kapadochos , Efstathia Kampisiouli , Olga Kadda , Antigoni Fountouki


Elderly patients’ views and their interaction with health care systems are very important as the subpopulation of older people in the European Community is increasing. Αim The objectives of this project were the observation and recording of certain changes that occur in psychological state of elder patients during their hospitalisation and a comparison between Greek and British patients. Material And Methods The sample of this pilot study consisted of 145 elder patients in Greece and British hospitals. Data was collected through a semi structured interview. Results The analysis of interviews revealed the following psychological parameters: Prospect, Acceptance of illness, Fear of death, Loneliness, Feeling of abandonment, and Suicide tendencies. The country of origin has the bigger effect in the parameters "Loneliness" and "Fear of death". The British patients experience extreme loneliness while fear of death is predominant among the Greek sample. Conclusions British patients seem not to fear so much death itself but rather life which is dependent to others and the pathological situations that will bring embarrassment against himself and others. Therefore, some of these patients have a tendency to discuss euthanasia rather express suicidal ideas, which however remains a complicated subject with various ethical, legal, religious and moral issues involved.

Keywords: Elderly patient, Psychological reactions, Hospitalization, Quality research

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