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Dealing with the Problem of Musculoskeletal Lumpar Damage in Nursing Staff

Zoe Roupa , Αristidis Vasilopoulos


The problem of musculoskeletal injuries of the lumbar loin is clearly medical, although it also has
enormous social proportions, challenging scientists and health professionals to work intensely on finding solutions
capable of minimizing and attenuating the problem. Musculoskeletal disorders are linked to the way that nursing systems function, and they constitute a multidimensional problem. Annual compensation claimed for lymbobymia totals over 14 billion dollars annually in the U.SA Bad posture during patients’ upbringing is the main cause of lumbodynia. However, the problem is more intense among nursing staff working with bedridden patients in hospitals or at home. Another cause of loin injuries is the pressure applied to the spinal column by static weights, and injury rates are proportional to the duration of the intervertebral disc. Psychosocial factors, such as job satisfaction, on-the-job relations with colleagues and superiors, as well as organization in the work-place of great importance in terms of how patients handle their work load-play a significant role in the occurrence of this problem. The study of body mechanics is crucial for the assessment of technical nursing interventions as well as for instruction in correct everyday body movements. Training of nursing staff in manual transportation of weights, ergonomic arrangement of workspace, ergonomic equipment and organization of work can be an effective contribution towards achieving this goal. Therefore, mass participation of properly trained nursing staff is of great importance for effective prevention and management of this problem.

Keywords: Low back pain, Rachialgia, Patient handling, Manual transportation of weights, infidence, prevalence, prevention

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