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Pregnancy in Young and Advanced Ages- Consequences in Mother, Fetus and Newborn

Stylianos Antoniadis , A. Kavalieratou , Angeliki Antonakou , Polis Kleanthous , George Liosis , Zoe Chatzistamatiou , George Baroutis


The participation of women in production had as a result the marriage and pregnancy in older ages. The same reasons, related with better educational and socioeconomic status resulted in the reduction of pregnancies in young ages.
The aim of our work was to study the problems of pregnancy and delivery in mothers of young and advanced ages, as well as the problems in their fetuses and newborns.
We studied prospectively, according to protocol (questionnaire), in two state and one private maternity hospitals 431 cases of pregnant women aged less than 20 (159) and more than 35 (272) years old.
In our results we found that there are differences between the two age groups concerning pregnancy and delivery. These problems in the younger age group were benign, like iron deficiency 7 of them (4,4%) and urinary tract infections 3 (1,9%) whereas in the older age group there were severe problems like hypertension 10 (3,7%), diabetes 21 (7,7%), placenta previa 5 (1,8%), preterm abruption of the placenta 10 (3,7%). As far as the fetuses and the newborns are concerned IUGR 7 (2.7%) and preterm delivery 38 (14.8%) we more frequent in advanced ages.
In conclusion, the problems of the two age groups are not severe and don't threaten the mother or child's health. We believe that with better information it is possible to improve the results.

Keywords: Pregnancy, young - advanced ages, delivery, fetus, newborn

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