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Obesity in School Children

Zacharenia Androulaki , Konstantina Sfakiotaki , Michael Roukis , Nikolaos Erinakis , George Stavroulakis


Aim: to investigate the Body Mass Index (BMI) in children of school age in order to assess the children's obesity in Crete, which is estimated at 39%. Materials and Methods: 168 children between the ages of 6-12 years from the 52nd Elementary School of Heraklion. The children's BMI was established by taking the children's weight and height. The data were analyzed using the Access software.
Results: 37 children (22%) were overweight, 89 (53%) were normal weight and 5 (2.97%) were underweight. Conclusions: In addition to aesthetic considerations, obesity in childhood is a serious risk factor for the health of children, in contrast to obesity in adulthood.

Keywords: children s obesity, Body Mass Index, prevention

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