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Nursing in Creece from Antiquity until the Second World War: A Pilot Study

Alexandra Dimitriadou-Panteka


A pilot historical study of nursing in Greece from the antiquity until the Second World War is presented m this article. The beginnings of nursing in Greece are going back to the «anarrotiria» and «Asklipiea» of ancient Greece. In the Byzantium there were functioning institutions that provided care to the population and nursing staff was working to those institutions. Minimal are the testimonies for nursing in the Ottoman Empire. After the independence of the country from the Turks, the first efforts for establishing a sanitary system was made, the first hospitals founded and nursing was practiced by practical nurses. In 1875 the «Nosokomikon Paideftirion» was established, where women nurses were trained for providing care to patients. In 1894, in Thessalonica, the Theageneio hospital was interested in educating nurses. In March 1897, the institution of remunerated nurse in armed forces. The Greek Red Cross founded in 1914 a school of assistant nurses with two years duration of studies, and to the graduates was given a license for practicing the nursing profession. In 1923 the National Association of Nurses as well as the Red Cross School of Nurses was established. In 1937 the public School of Visitors Nurses was created. During the Second World War 3.000 nurses served in armed forces and 14 were killed.

Keywords: nursing, history, Greece

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