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Creation of a curriculum Vitae

Despina Papadopoulou , Hariklia Stathopoulou


The Curriculum Vitae (CV) is an essential tool that allows the job candidates to give the prospective employer a complete picture of their professional profile.
Some of the possible applications of the Curriculum Vitae include claiming a job, claiming a scholarship or a prize, claiming participation in a committee or a board. It is easily understood that the creation of a successful Curriculum Vitae requires organization, programming and possession of the relevant knowledge.
There is no single correct way to create a CV and the literature offers a wide variety of templates for CVs. However, these templates should only serve as a guide and they should not be copied, as this would result in the loss of the personal style that should characterize each CV.
This article describes accurately and succinctly the different CV types according to their extent and their structure and offers guidelines regarding the information that need to be included in the CV as well as the information that should be excluded from the CV. Additionally, there is also a mention to the correct way of structuring the cover letter that accompanies the CV.

Keywords: Cuniculum Vitae, resume, career, searching of job, cover letter

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