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The Cost of a Laparoscopic Cholocystectomy

Ilias Giannakoulis


The purpose of this research has been to define the cost of a Laparoscopic Cholocystectomy taking into account the cost groups that shape it.
The material for this research project has been the 86 operations that took place in the Argos General Hospital during the year 2003. The method followed has been, first of all, to specify the eight cost groups that shape the cost of the operation and then define the criteria on which the allocation of each cost group for the specific operation has been based.
Results: There has been an allocation of all the cost groups at the operation and its cost comes to 1631 €. The disposable material take up 75% of the total cost of the operation, followed by the cost of the anaesthesia and the cost of work, each of which constitute 8% of the operation's total cost. Conclusions: The governmental rate for a
Laparoscopic Cholocystectomy is 1360 €. The results of the research show that the cost of the operation in our hospital is 1631€. Therefore, we have to refer to the necessity of readjusting the governmental rates, as well as finding ways, from our side, to alter each cost group so that the total cost of the operation is reduced.

Keywords: Laparoscopic Cholocystectomy, cost, disposable matenal, governmental rate

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