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Aromatherapy. The therapeutic power of sensations

M. Tsompanou , Konstantinos Petsios


The term “complementary” refers to therapies or interventions that are implemented in combination with the traditional medicine, while “alternative” is the therapy that is used instead of western medical practice. Aromatherapy is an ancient complementary therapy and a method of care of the human body, that uses nature products and is based on the beneficial characteristics of essential oils. It is usually combinated with massage and other therapeutic techniques. The essential oils are produced after right process of different parts of plants. A lot of re- earch has been made on the use of aromatherapy in: cutaneous inflammations, infections, arthropathies, psychological disorders, asthma, cancer, stress, depression etc. It is clear that complementary (and alternative) therapies and nursing use a common strategy, the same holistic approach of the patient, the energetic role of the patient, the supportive role of the therapist and the emphasis on the promotion of health. The purpose of this review was to set the basic knowledge on aromatherapy's uses and techniques and also how can aromatherapy be combinated with the everyday nursing practice.

Keywords: Aromatherapy, essentialoils, complementary alternative the rapies (CAM)

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