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The operational connection among human force in health system sector

Eleni Lahana , Zoe Roupa


Human force employed in health system sector constitutes the most important factor to the proper and effective operation of the health system. Administration as well as the operational connection of the personnel of a hospital constitutes the most essential factors to its proper operation and effectiveness. Effective communication, in all of its versions and levels of health professions, is one of the most significant factors that make a hospital to function successfully, for the achievement of its common goals. Every hospital has in theory executives that are involved in the operation of the administration and constitute the links among all the services and departments of the hospital, so that a unified and coordinated set of channels of communication, coordination and cooperation of the human force exists. However, when the operational connection is loose in services and departments, as well as among its executives, we see everyday problems, conflicts, competitions and human force in general that does not cooperate to achieve the common goals of the hospital. The main causes are: the absence of programming as a process of administration, the phenomenon of "filtering" of information traveling upwards in the hierarchy, the improvisation in regulatory interventions of the administration and management of the hospital, and the operational competition among different categories and groups of the personnel. A more effective administration, that would recognize the usefulness of programming, communication and proper coordination, but could apply them as well, is today the solution in many and complex problems of the health system.

Keywords: Hospital, human force, communication, management

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