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Stroke - Risk Factors

Maria Polikandrioti , Eleni Kyritsi


Stroke is the third reason for death in western countries, after coronary diseases and cancer and is responsible for 4.5m deaths, globally.
The aim of the present review was to underline as many risk factors as possible and the degree that each factor is accountable for the cause of different types of stroke.
The method of this study included bibliography research from both the Greek and foreign literature, mainly during the last five years.
The results from the review of relevant studies showed that, apart from the known risk factors of stroke, for example atheromatosis, diabetes mellitus and coronary diseases, there are some other factors responsible for this neurological disorder. Most of them are responsible either individually, or in interaction with others. Genetic and environmental factors seem to be implicated in the incidence of the disease; furthermore the prevalence of stroke differs from race to race, from country to country and from the socioeconomic status of the persons. Conclusively, the risk factors of stroke can be predictable, for this reason the course of action that aims to the prevention of the disease is necessary. Stroke is a social problem because of the long stay at hospital, recurrent admissions, high cost of nursing and the fact that these patients face afterwards many permanent disabilities

Keywords: stroke, nsk factors, epidemiology

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