Quarterly scientific journal

The implementation of quality management systems. From industry and business to health units

George Hatzipoulidis


The certification of quality constitutes today a basic element of business competitiveness. The application of quality management systems, as we have already realized in the practice henceforth, has offered multiple profits in the industrial sector. In the sector of health, because of many particularities that are presented and the fact
that even the simple qualitative control has not been applied effectively, there are a lot of factors of devalorisation of quality and serious obstacles in the application of quality management systems. In the direction of some effort for upgrading the quality of health services, certain little steps have emerged from the side of the
state with the attempted reform under the general title “Health for the Citizen”. A number of recent statutes advance in the enactment of processes of qualitative control and creation of infrastructures for the measurement and evaluation of quality. What is really required, however, is the planning of importing the quality management and the progressive application of total quality administration in health units, with final objective to create suitable conditions for the continuous improvement of the provided health services level.

Keywords: Quality, health, quality management

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