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Old and new vaccines for children and adults

Stylianos Antoniadis


If we want to evaluate the medical advances during the last centuries focusing on the health protection of large human groups it is sure that we should first think about antibiotics and vaccines. Many diseases that were previously causing fear and horror to the humanity, belong today for the civilized world, to the «Pantheon» of historic diseases. Despite the fact that vaccinations started more than a hundred years ago, even in our time it is not unnecessary to repeat the basic principles that we must always keep in mind. To remember the importance of clinical examination and medical history of every candidate for vaccination, as well as all the current beliefs for immunizations is not in vain. Nowadays, except the well known old vaccines there are also new ones having therefore increased the number of vaccinations for every child. Because of all the advantages they provide, there is today a tension to use multiple vaccines with 4-6 antigens. Regarding the timing of vaccinations, the wise thing to do is to follow the latest strategies and policies for vaccinations because they change according to the last epidemiological and scientific advances. Also, we must never forget that despite the endemy or not of a certain disease in a country we should never loose our attention given the shortening of distances and the tendency for emigration

Keywords: Vaccines-vaccinations, children, adults

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