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Contribution of workplace health and safety services in public health promotion

Evangelos Alexopoulos


According to Alma-Ata declaration on Primary Health Care in 1978, care should be provided where people work and live. Health promotion programs have multiple effects in community and public health. Participation of general population is a prerequisite for health policy. In workplaces health promotion aims to healthy employees in healthy enterprises. So apart from the improvement of work environment, individual empowerment is important for a healthier way of life. The present study aims to present parameters of work and health relationship in its historical evolution to a legal obligation. Health and Safety Services comprise a unique contribution to Public Health. In the 21th century Occupational Health and Safety Services provide a unique chance for contribution to Public Health. This article intends to present the way, the latter would be attainable.

Keywords: Public Health, Occupational Medicine, Primary Health Care, Health and Work

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