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Intercultural nursing in the field of health. Views of health staff

Aikaterini Kokolaki , Glikeria Keramida , Maria Vlachadi


Introduction: Refugees, Migrants and Roma, have complex and various medical and social needs, where it results that the health professionals have to deal with many challenges in progress of providing health care. Purpose: The purpose of this project is the research of the health professionals’ points of views, towards the particularities of the provision of care to the refugees, migrants and Roma. Material and Method: For the research was used the method of sampling none probabilities since the population is not known while the sampling is also defined as convenience methodology. The questionnaire was posted on the internet and was sent in different e-mails and web pages in order to collect the answers. The form of the questionnaire was digital because of its nature, due to the creation of the questionnaire was carried out using Google Docs. Results: Women, the older ones with children and bigger previous service believe that Greek nurses respect the peculiarities of foreigners/Romany patients (17% - 41%) and only the ones with higher education believe that they are sensitized at the ΔΥ (35%). Women, the older ones with children and bigger previous service believe that the Greek services provide a high feeling of safety to immigrants/foreigners/Romany patients (17%-41%) while they believe that they do not have to adjust their behavior (15%-19%) since they think that nurses do not treat them like a problem (17%-30%). Conclusions: The health professionals have the necessary knowledge so they can approach effectively their patients of different cultural teams and they are adjusting at different juncture and requirements. That’s why education must be continuous in order to sensitize and inform the health professionals about the peculiarities of the people who are coming from different cultures, with further purpose the improvement of the provision of Intercultural Health Care in the context of a multicultural society.

Keywords: intercultural health care

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